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Creamy or smart cake

Creamy or smart cake

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I've made this cake twice before. The first time it came out well but not very high because I have a tray that is too big, the second time it didn't come out at all, I mean I ate it directly from the tray with a teaspoon :)) Then I saw the recipe from Furnicuti and it seemed to me that preparation would be better so from now on I will only do so. See what came out ...

  • 4 eggs
  • 500 ml of milk
  • 100 g butter or margarine
  • 150 g sugar
  • 150 g flour
  • grated peel of a lemon or orange
  • 1 pinch of salt

Servings: 8

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Cremsnit or Smart Cake:

Melt the butter with the sugar and 3 tablespoons of milk in a saucepan. After it has melted, leave it to cool, then add the yolks one by one, mixing well, the orange peel or lemon, the flour and the rest of the milk, which should not be cold from the fridge but at room temperature.

Mix the egg whites well with a salt powder for 3-4 minutes at maximum power, then add to the rest of the ingredients, stirring gently from the bottom up. Do not mix until fully incorporated to remain fluffy on the surface.

Wallpaper a 22 cm diameter cake tray with baking paper, pour the composition into it and bake for 50 minutes on low heat. Allow to cool, powder with powdered sugar and portion.

Good appetite!

Smart cake

I've heard a lot of praise for this 'self-made' cake. To be honest, I've bypassed the smart cake so far for two reasons: the first - I didn't think it came out, and the second - the recipe involves 9 eggs, which I personally thought was too much. I quickly overcame the first impediment: the smart cake recipe works like in fairy tales. Regarding the second one, I decided to make an effort and not to shave the whole cake tray in one day.

Interior photo and first page: smart cake , Shutterstock

Smart cake ingredient

  • 9 eggs
  • 250 g sugar (normal or powder)
  • 200 g melted and cooled butter
  • 200 g flour
  • 2 sachets of vanilla sugar
  • 1 liter of milk
  • 1 pinch of salt

How to prepare smart cake

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. The latter are rubbed with sugar until smooth. Then add the butter, milk, vanilla sugar and flour and mix well.

Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they harden. Add to the above composition, stirring gently to avoid crushing the foam.

The whole composition is turned over in a tray lined with baking paper and left for 1 hour in the preheated oven at 150 degrees C (low to medium heat), on the highest position of the oven.

After baking, leave the cake to cool completely and refrigerate for at least 3 hours!

When you cut it, you will find out why the cake is 'smart': it has a top and cream that it formed on its own, it looks like a cream and looks like burnt sugar cream.

The smart cake is delicious and is an ideal choice when we want to impress with something sweet and unique.

Smart cake / Smart cake

Put the 250 g of melted margarine in a saucepan, then leave to cool.

In another bowl put the yolks, add the caster sugar and vanilla sugar sachets, the 2 tablespoons of water, orange peel or lemon and mix everything until smooth. Then add the melted margarine and mix again.

Sift the flour over this composition and mix and then pour the milk and mix well.

At the end, we add the beaten egg whites to the composition, mix well with a whisk until they are completely incorporated and we obtain a liquid composition, similar to the composition of pancakes.

Grease a higher tray with oil and cover with flour then pour the composition and bake on low to medium heat for 50-60 minutes.

During baking it is preferable not to open the oven.
The cake will grow slightly then leave to form a light crust on top and one at the base, and the middle will remain creamy but firm.

Smart cake

First melt the butter and leave it to cool because we need it cold.

The oven is heated to 180 degrees.

Ouale is separated. The yolks together with the powdered sugar mix well until they become a whitish cream. Then add the butter little by little. This is followed by sifted flour. And finally the milk little by little. All this time it mixes at low speed.

After we have finished doing this, we move on to the egg whites. This if it's not good. They come beaten with a pinch of salt and vanilla essences, I also added rum essence, it gave it a good taste. He fights hard.

The well beaten egg whites are put in the yolks with a spoon. Little by little, we do this operation with a wooden or silicone spoon.
Put baking paper in a pan or grease it with butter and line it with flour.

Pour the composition into the pan and place in the oven for one hour. It is preferable not to open the oven during baking. First leave the oven at 240 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes, then leave it at 180 degrees Celsius. He quickly caught my face and I gradually turned on the oven at a lower temperature up to 100 degrees Celsius. Try opening the oven a little and see if it is baked if you are not sure.

Leave in the oven to cool then remove. Cool until the next day and then powder with powdered sugar.
I did not have the patience to leave until the next day, as stated on some blogs. After an hour I took the knife to see this cake awakening. And. yes, she's really smart, she has 3 layers. The creams taste like pudding. Yes. e buuunnaaaa. Super.
I think I'll do it again, I won't stop here!

I invite you to make this wonderful cake. It's not hard to do and the result is just right.

Smart cake

I also prepared this cake! I want to say that it turned out very good. My child ate because I thought it would not stop. I followed the recipe exactly as it is marked here, and it turned out perfect! =) Thank you!

I made this cake and it is delicious. I didn't expect it to come out so good and beautiful.

it came out very nauseous, I threw it away. too many eggs and too much butter. you say it was polenta. I'm sorry to say this, but that's how it turned out and I put exactly the ingredients in the recipe and left it for an hour and 10 minutes and still nothing. I also made fun of this smart cake, I'm stupid because I tried it: ((. and I'm not a beginner. I've made this type of cake but it turned out good, I took the recipe after this site and the ingredients were like this: 5 eggs, 100 g butter, 1 liter of milk, half baked powder, vanilla and lemon essences, vanilla sugar, 5 tablespoons flour, so the ingredients were double from this polenta that came out, I better the other recipe, I'm sorry, I did something wrong, but I did exactly what it says.

Delicious came out. without words.

Today I managed to make the smart cake and I am very happy with how it came out. I had to keep it for 2 hours until it baked. I put the oven at 120ºC and the tray on top of everything, and the bottom is not baked. but it's good. Maybe it should be as I see in your pictures. I put a little powdered sugar on it when it was still hot and it melted.

Miron Andreea, May 9, 2014

after baking, put the cake in the fridge?

Iuliana_Simionescu (Master chef), January 4, 2014

I made this cake, it is very good, only it has too many eggs, I put fewer. because it tastes like an egg ... otherwise it's very good

Liliana Chiru, January 4, 2014

I don't really like it, I made the recipe come out like in the picture but I don't like the taste. It has an intense egg taste, because a sachet of vanilla sugar is not enough to give it flavor.

Mirela Popa, January 4, 2014

Honestly, I also made this cake. but it's not something special, there are others tastier, more attractive ... too many. ingredients and time for this result!

Lacri Georgiana, October 16, 2013

yes intelligence is called, and ef good, I've been doing it for about 10 years and I, just what came out, at that time it was a novelty, and as soon as I tasted it I tried it, and it worked out, but we have to be be careful, if the recipe is not the original one, it will NEVER come out.

Teodora Botezatu, October 8, 2013

my recipe: 300 gr. sugar, 8 yolks, 250 gr. Unirea margarine, 9 tablespoons flour, 1 l milk, 3-4 sachets of vanilla sugar 8 beaten egg whites. Rub the yolks with the sugar, add the melted and cooled margarine ( in fact, warm, not completely chilled), flour, boiled and cooled milk and vanilla sugar. Mix these ingredients and add the beaten egg whites. Grease the pan well with margarine and put the composition. The tray is not lined with flour. leave for 10-15 min. on high heat, then on low heat for an hour and a half. I specify that I never tried it with butter. That's how I had the recipe for a long time and that's how I always do it. If someone made it with butter and it turned out well. to tell me too. aaaa I was going to forget, it must be tried after an hour and 10 ', the baking conditions may differ (I mean the ovens, which I am sure differ from each other). Put the tray in the middle of the oven and the cake is ready when it is golden. Good appetite!

Alexandra Julean, October 8, 2013

to this quantity of cake what tray is used?

Crina-Maria Zimbru, October 8, 2013

you can see the recipe on the left side of the photo

Alexandra Grigorut, September 19, 2013

It is very good. It seems to me that it tastes like burnt sugar cream :). I used the above ingredients, the difference is that I just melted the butter in a saucepan directly on the fire. And maybe the order was different in terms of ingredients. that is, I mixed the sugar (and the vanilla) with the yolks, the melted butter (but not immediately removed from the heat. I checked honestly), a little milk, flour, the rest of the milk and the beaten egg whites (these I beat first). It didn't come out the same as in the picture, but there :). The cake is delicious and the dough is made very quickly. Good luck and have a craving ..

Teodora Botezatu, August 29, 2013

it's called "Intelligence" or fake Cremsnit. I've been doing it for almost 10 years, it works very well for me but the recipe is different.

Alina Matei, August 29, 2013

Someone was telling me that it's called (jokingly, for sure) "Separation of powers in the state" :)

Iuliana Ilie, August 29, 2013

the fastest cake is easy to make and good.

Anica Midvighi, August 29, 2013

at bv he calls it the smart cake.

I've been doing it for 2 years, I think and it comes out great, it's both fast and tasty :)

Mery Meryem, August 29, 2013

I've been doing it for about 2 years and it looks exactly like this picture, but I have other stages of preparation :)

Marioara Chetronie, August 29, 2013

I will do it too, it's simple and I think it's tasty!

My mother-in-law had a recipe like this but with grated apples. who sat in the middle. does anyone have it that she lost her recipe book and doesn't know it anymore. but she was super good

Buzu Creola (Chef), June 20, 2010

Now I start making the cake. I know it's good because I did it a month ago. Not to forget the recipe I use the formula: 9 (eggs) 9 (lg of sugar) 9 (lg of flour) 1 (L of milk) 1 (packet of vanilla sugar) 1 (packet of butter). 9 9 9 1 1 1.

burdulea maria elena (Chef de cuisine), April 22, 2010

Very good, very smart!

mihaela cecilia (Chef de cuisine), February 13, 2010

NADIA MARIA (Chef de cuisine), January 25, 2010

It looks great. Congratulations on your "smart". See how the cake works alone for us, it doesn't have to be filled anymore, it fills up on its own. How good is this cake! I'll try it this weekend too.

Cely Snijec (Chef), January 24, 2010

Yes, a cream is formed. After baking, the composition is separated into 2 sheets like pandispan and a vanilla-like cream in the middle. That's why it is called smart.

dicarmencitta1957 (Chef de cuisine), October 29, 2009

It seems to me or I'm wrong, does it have cream in the middle? You didn't say anything about the cream. As you wrote the recipe, it wouldn't have cream in the middle.

mirey (Chef), October 28, 2009

I tried it, and it turned out great!

valentina ionita (Chef de cuisine), September 9, 2009

It is a tasty and easy to prepare cake. Congratulations.

burdulea maria elena (Chef de cuisine), June 19, 2009

vera (Chef de cuisine), May 31, 2009

And I do it "intelligence" - good ft.

samoila tudorel (Chef de cuisine), May 29, 2009

Another user sent me this recipe (I don't know if it's exact, but it looks better), but it seems that the idea is wonderful. I haven't done it yet and I'm sorry I forgot about it. Looks good!

It's excellent, I tried it, it looks like a creamy cake.

Cely Snijec (Chef), May 9, 2009

mirey (Chef de cuisine), May 8, 2009

If it comes out the same as in the picture. hmmm. it looks very good and I think it is tasty and it is smart because it is chosen in 3 layers? It seems so.

Smart cake

Danydany81 sent a wonderful recipe to our Contest: Smart Cake. Bring spring with you with your wonderful recipes prepared for your loved ones and you can win a DeKassa 10 Liter pressure cooker with extra glass lid, a wok pan with lid and Bergner ceramic interior (Vioflam series), or a steam cooking pot with two Peterhof sites (bottom encapsulated in 3 layers), offered by


9 eggs
250g margarine or butter (65-80% fat)
275/300 g flour
2 tablespoons water
1 liter of warm milk
2 sachets of vanilla sugar
300g old cough
1 vanilla essence
Sugar powder for garnish (optional)

Method of preparation

Melt the butter or margarine, in a saucepan or in a bowl, in the microwave (1 minute), let it cool a little (not too much so that it does not stick).
Beat the egg whites, the foam, with a pinch of salt.
Separately mix the yolks with the caster sugar, vanilla sugar and 2 tablespoons of water, mix well until it doubles in volume.

Add melted butter and 1 liter of warm milk to the yolk cream, to which we added the vanilla essence.
After mixing well, add flour in the rain until incorporated into the dough.
With a wooden palette or spoon, with light movements from bottom to top, add the egg whites (do not mix too much).

The resulting composition is liquid, DO NOT BE AFRAID, this is exactly how it should look.
Take a tray, line it with baking paper, turn the composition over and then put it in the oven, preheated for 30-40 minutes on medium to low heat, until lightly browned on top. Don't be afraid if, when you take it out, the cake shakes a little, left to cool, it separates and thickens exactly as it should.
Be careful not to open the oven for the first 20 minutes. After you take it out of the oven, it will settle. After cooling, remove from the pan (you can turn it over for a more pleasant appearance). Cut into suitable pieces, powder with powdered sugar or not and serve

Cream cream wonderfully

I remembered a good and fast fry and I say let's do it. It's like a leafless cream, with a stronger egg taste, so to speak, something between cream and burnt sugar cream. I passed the baby to my dad and got to work. See how:

- 8 eggs
- 1 liter of milk
- 300g sugar
- 5 sachets of vanilla sugar
- 1 packet (250g) of margarine (I think it works with butter)
- 10 tablespoons of flour

First and foremost, melt the margarine, caster sugar and 3 tablespoons of milk.

Then let it cool and in the meantime beat the yolks with the vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt if you want, until it swells and comes out like a mayonnaise.

The margarine has not cooled yet, we have time to beat the egg whites with a drop of vinegar or lemon juice to make sure they harden.

Now add the cooled margarine over the yolks and mix.

And finally the beaten egg whites and mix lightly so as not to leave the egg whites too hard.

# 2 Sorinik

Dessert the composition in a tray greased with butter, margarine or oil and lined with flour (the composition is liquid, do not be afraid).

. put it in the oven over medium heat for about 45 minutes, of which the last 5 minutes the fire is harder to catch the oil.

In the meantime, we lick the cakes, wash them quickly, feed them, babies, change babies, pass the babies to the fathers again and then come to take the cake out of the oven. I either dropped it for a few more minutes, or my fire was too strong that it eventually swelled and cracked on my surface.

The thing with the miracle cake is that it is chosen alone in 3 layers: a denser one at the bottom, a soft one like sarlota in the middle and one like a fluffy meringue on top. If you know a secret how to cut fluffy meringue without taking the pieces on the knife and scraping them, please share. I think a layer of whipped cream on top wouldn't hurt, I didn't have to put it on.
Go and sections:

PS: Sorry for the quality of the pictures, they are not very artistic because in the meantime my father used to beat me crazy because I woke up crazy when I woke up to take pictures

Fluffy and tasty cream

A quick and tasty cake made according to a classic recipe. Creamy or creamy, a cake recipe with puff pastry sheets and delicious vanilla cream. Here's how:

1. Mix flour with 100 ml of milk and set aside. The rest of the milk together with the eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar are put on the fire, stirring constantly.

2. When it boils, add the milk flour composition and continue boiling, stirring constantly. It is ready when a thick cream is obtained. Allow to cool and then mix to obtain a very fine cream.

3. Place a first sheet in the stove tray, pour the cream that is spread with a spatula or a knife with a thick blade, then pour the whipped cream, level it, cover it with another sheet and let it cool. from day to day.

4. Cut with a very sharp knife and serve sprinkled with plenty of powdered sugar.

Fluffy and tasty cream

The fluffy and tasty cream recipe is ready! Wait for it to cool, sprinkle some fresh fruit and eat!

Don't leave the kitchen until you try the TV cake!

5 / 5 - 1 Review (s)

Creams, cream, crepe, puff pastry cake, whipped cream and cream

The recipe book Food Cakes. Cremes, cremsnit, crempita & # 8211 Recipes with Gina Bradea. Rating: 5 & # 8211 4 reviews & # 8211 50 min. Cake Cream & # 8211 Cream with vanilla cream & # 8211 Practical recipes. Creamy or homemade creams for many childhood dessert. I adore her since childhood and I remember fondly that my mother bought us cream when she came from work. Old recipe, quick recipe, video recipe. How to prepare cream sheets.

Here are a variety of homemade cake recipes, from childhood cakes. Cremsnit recipes are all the same, in cookbooks, in the notebooks of mothers and grandparents, it is certain that the dessert prepared with leaves and homemade cream is. These days, Rama Maestro wakes us up. Sweet TartsBaby Food RecipesSweet RecipesCake RecipesDessert Recipes. There is no information available for this page. In this recipe, the cream is firm, like a pudding, the layer of whipped cream gives it. I made the cream leaves from commercial puff pastry (Linco).

How to make Cremsnit with pandispan leaves. On our culinary recipes website, you will not discover a diverse gastronomy, but a selection of recipes that have in common a series of ingredients: mayonnaise, flour. Do you love confectionery cakes?

Video: SMART CREAMY SPAGHETTI SAUCE WITH MUSHROOM AND SPINACH. Homemade creamy pasta sauce (August 2022).