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Beer-Marinated Bison New York Strip Steaks

Beer-Marinated Bison New York Strip Steaks

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Place steaks in a single layer in a glass baking dish.

Whisk beer, sugar, lime juice, onion, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, oil, ginger, and hot pepper sauce in large bowl to blend. Pour marinade over steaks in baking dish. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight or at least 6 hours.

For Peppercorn Sauce:

Bring wine, shallots, and peppercorns to boil in a medium saucepan; simmer until mixture is reduced by half, about 5 minutes. Add chicken stock and beef stock and boil until reduced to 2 cups, about 25 minutes. Add whipping cream and cook until sauce coats spoon, about 6 minutes.

(Peppercorn sauce can be made up to 2 hours ahead. Set aside at room temperature)

To Finish Steaks:

Prepare grill to medium-high heat.

Remove steaks from marinade and grill to desired doneness, about 4 minutes per side for medium-rare. Transfer steaks to plates and keep warm.

Bring peppercorn sauce to simmer and then spoon sauce over steaks.

Bison New York Strip Steak

Bison is a great choice for lean protein if you're looking for something other than white meat or fish. This simple, classic preparation will make it a nice medium-rare.


  • 1 bison New York strip steak (12 ounces)
  • 2 tablespoons kosher salt
  • 2 tablespoons black pepper
  • 2 teaspoons granulated garlic
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 2 tablespoons herb oil


Remove the bison New York strip steak from the refrigerator 30 minutes prior to cooking. Season both sides with the salt, pepper and granulated garlic.

Heat a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat until a sprinkling of water dances across the surface. Add the oil and heat until shimmering. Sear the bison until golden brown on each side, about 2 minutes per side for medium-rare.

Cooking Bison Striploin Steaks

Flavour, Flavour, Flavour! Not only is bison meat becoming increasingly popular for its taste but also for its health benefits. These Bison Strip loin Steaks will satisfy every meat lover.

The New york strip is sometimes, called, Strip, Manhattan and Kansas City Strip. Lean and tender is the best way to describe this top quality grilling steak. They’re great on the grill or in a pan, this is a steak that everyone will love. With medium fat content, New York strips are tender, low in connective tissue resulting in a very tender cut of bison.

New York strip steaks contain less fat and marbling than rib-eyes, so choose New York Strip for a leaner steak that may satisfy dietary restrictions or personal preference. Both the striploin steak and the rib eye are both prized for tenderness and flavour. Because of the low fat content the New York steaks, cooks slightly faster than a rib eye so watch the temperature. The meat is fine-grained in texture with fat on one edge of the steak.

Cooking Tips for Bison Strip Loin Steaks:

Bison steaks are cut similar to beef, but because of their low fat content they cook faster than beef steaks. Make sure to never over cook these steaks.

  • Browned and lightly charred on the outside, juicy and tender inside, a perfectly grilled steak is heaven. But a dry, overcooked steak is very sad. With so many ways to get it wrong, it’s no wonder grilling steak can be intimidating. But worry not, we have tips and tricks to make your steak a masterpiece.
  • When preparing New York cut steaks, brush a bit of olive oil, add salt and pepper and allow them to come to room temperature for about 30 minutes before cooking. Pan-sear, grill or broil them on high heat for up to five minutes per side, or until a meat thermometer registers 145 degrees Fahrenheit in the thickest part for medium rare.
  • Preheat your grill to a very high temperature. Cook over high heat — pan sear, broil, or grill but cooking time varies depending on your grill.
  • lightly coat the steak with olive oil so it doesn’t stick to the grill
  • Season with kosher salt, and black pepper or lightly coat with steak spice. Let the taste of the bison steak shine through so don’t overdo it with the seasoning.

Steak Cooking Temperatures

  • Raw – Uncooked completely and usually bathed in a light dressing or used for dishes such as carpaccio or steak tartar.
  • Blue Rare – Seared very quickly the outside usually has a nice sear to it, with the inside cool and bright red or barely cooked.
  • Rare – Cooked to 126°F or 52°C, it has a cooked or seared outside with a bright red center that is slightly warmed.
  • Medium Rare – 131°F or 55°C with a reddish-pink center
  • Medium – At 145°F or 63 °C, the middle of the steak is fully pink and hot with a grayish brown crust.
  • Medium Well – Slightly pink in the center, the core temperature is usually at 154°F or 68°C.
  • Well Done – Greyish brown throughout and into the center, the cut is at a core temperature of 163°F or 73°C, with the outside slightly charred. Never cook bison to this temperature!

Use this simple Touch Test to easily check the how done grilled meats are. Well, Medium, Rare, it’s right there in the palm of your hand.

How to cook up a bison strip loin in a pan

Bison New York Striploin Steak Recipe

Here’s why this NY striploin is an all around favourite.

The New York Striploin is an impressive dish and doesn’t take too much effort to create a beautiful piece of meat that shows that you care!

It really only takes some sea salt and fresh ground pepper to pull out the wonderful flavours of this cut of meat

Bison New York Strip loin steak with mushrooms and sauce


  • 4 striploin bison steaks
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 4 boneless strip loin steaks
  • 2 lbs. button mushrooms
  • Thyme leaves crushed from 2 sprigs
  • 1 tbs. fresh chopped garlic
  • ¼ brandy or scotch or whiskey (depends what you have stocked in the house)
  • ½ cup heavy cream (35%)

Cooking Method

Divide the olive oil and steaks that they can sauté in two pans (2 steaks per pan with 2 tbsp. olive oil in each pan)
Sear on both sides let them turn brow even on the sides not just the top and bottom. This should take no more than a total of 5 minutes – 2.5 minutes a side. But it depends on the thickness of the steak. Remove the steak to a plate and cover with aluminum foil.
Put one of the pans back on medium high with more olive oil (about 1.4 cup.)
Add mushrooms when pan is smoking. Cook, about 10 minutes or until a pleasing golden colour. Add thyme and garlic, salt and pepper.
Take the pan off the heat and pour in the booze. Put the pan back on the heat and cook until alcohol is evaporated almost. Add the cream and cook for another 2 – 3 minute, or until thickened. Return the mushroom to the pan. Simmer for a couple of minutes to meld the flavours and heat the mushrooms.

Slice steaks to thin slices across the grain and serve with a salad, mashed potatoes, or fries and the mushroom sauce mixture.

New York Strip Steak

New York strip steak (also called NY strip, strip steak, strip loin, top loin steak, among many other names) is a classic and popular cut of beef that requires little more than some simple seasonings to cook up quickly for an easy and delicious better-than-restaurant quality weeknight steak dinner. Searching for the ultimate New York strip steak recipe? You've come to the right place &mdash but first, some important cooking tips.

What is a New York strip steak?

Cut from the area of the cow below the backbone, NY strip steaks are tender, lean, and typically boneless. It has a good amount of marbling, which lends a ton of flavor to this evenly, but it&rsquos not quite as tender as a ribeye or a tenderloin. A 6-oz portion packs in 320 calories, 12 grams of fat, 50 grams of protein (that&rsquos 100% of your daily value!), 3.2 milligrams iron, and 9 milligrams zinc.

What is the best thickness for a New York strip steak?

While 1-inch thickness tends to be standard for grocery store butchers, here in the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen, we like a thinner cut, such as 1/2-inch thick, for a quick- and even-cooking steak. As a rule of thumb, the thicker the steak, the longer you need to cook it, a.k.a. the longer you have to wait to eat.

How long should you let a strip steak sit out before cooking?

This may just be the most important step in the whole recipe. Bring your steak to room temperature by taking it out of the fridge about 20 to 30 minutes before you plan on cooking it. This ensures it cooks evenly.

What is the best way to season a New York strip steak?

NY strips don&rsquot need much to make them great. After your steak has come to room temperature, and just before searing, season both sides with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. If you want to get fancy (like we sure did), you can add additional flavorings to the pan alongside the steak, like herbs and aromatics (think rosemary, garlic, shallots, etc) that will flavor the oil the steak cooks in.

What's the best way to cook a New York strip steak?

Our favorite way to cook up a NY strip is what we call the miraculously-easy &ldquosear, sear, roast&rdquo method: Start by heating up your oven and setting an oven-safe skillet (for the best crust, don&rsquot use a nonstick) over medium-high heat on the stove before adding some oil and swirling it to evenly coat the bottom of the pan. Generously season your room-temp steak, then add it to the hot pan and sear until the bottom is nicely browned. (That&rsquos the first sear.) Carefully flip the steak and sear until the other side is browned too. (There&rsquos your second sear.) Then, transfer the skillet to the oven until desired doneness. (And finally: roast.) When it&rsquos done, transfer the steak to a cutting board and let rest.

How long do I cook it on each side?

For a 1/2-inch-thick strip steak, cook it around 3 minutes per side, followed by 3 to 6 minutes in the oven for medium-rare (around 135°F). Be sure to turn the steak only once, so it doesn&rsquot dry out.

How long should a New York strip rest?

As a rule of thumb, you want to let your steak rest for at least half of its total cooking time to help the meat stay juicy and make it easier to slice. Don&rsquot forget to save any extra juices for the pan sauce!

What Is the Best Steak Cut?

I once bought my meat by only looking at the price. I soon learned that when choosing your steak, cheaper is never better.

I struggled to produce a juicy tender steak and thought it was my cooking time or heat level. These are factors, however, if you start with a cheap cut of meat, there is little you can do to transform it into a succulent main course. "You can&apost make a silk purse out of a sow&aposs ear," as my grandmother used to say!

The more expensive cuts are always the most tender and appetizing. The tenderness of your grilled steak depends on the cut of meat more than anything else.

It is best to spend a little extra money to get a good cut of beef that will turn out juicy and tender on the grill. The best steaks originate from the middle section of the cow. Steaks cut from the short loin and the sirloin section of the cow are considered to be the finest.

Perfect Grilled Steak with Roasted Garlic Herb Butter

Prep time:
Cook time:

With summer in full swing, it seems like you can’t walk down the street without catching a mouth-watering whiff of steak sizzling on someone’s grill. It’s pretty much our favorite thing about the season. Well, aside from actually eating steak, that is. The great thing about grilling steaks in the summer is that it’s really pretty simple. You don’t need a lot of ingredients or prep time. Our friend The Kicheneer breaks it down for us in this elegant yet oh-so-easy recipe for perfectly grilled bison steaks.

Perfect Grilled Steak with Roasted Garlic Herb Butter

Words can not describe how good a perfectly cooked grilled steak is. As the internet will tell you, it’s officially grilling season. Time to remove the grill cover and turn up the flames. (my cover doesn’t exist as we never stop grilling). But searing the PERFECT grilled steak is something you need to learn ASAP. Unless you like a nice black char… (I do not).

Grilled bison NY strips plus melty roasted garlic compound clarified butter and some grilled asparagus and a fresh tomato salad makes this the best kinda summer dinner. All done in 15 minutes!

And I am ALL about quick healthy dinners. Especially in the summer time. Just the IDEA of standing in front of the hot stove just makes me start to sweat. No thanks. k?

As I have mentioned before, Jake and I are in serious training mode for the Marine Corps Half Marathon in less than a month! EEEEEKKKK. So I have been spending less time in the kitchen and more time creating a a cage for my heart with my rib cage. I swear sometimes as I am gasping for air (repeat I am NOT a runner I simply like the idea of running) that my heart is like “Why me. ” And Jake with his long giraffe legs are way ahead of me….Super jealous of his gait. Don’t get me wrong, I have improved SO much in the running department. But I haven’t really got to the point of that “runner’s high” it’s more of a very long and painful mental thread of “this hurts, this hurts, this hurts” LOL But the days where we have good runs and I feel like a flying unicorn are what make the awful ones worth it.

Which means when I return from said run, I REALLY do not want to cook. Therefore, grilling or slow cooking become my go to cooking methods. And this recipe (per usual) is Whole30 compliant! I still continue to eat this way 80% of the time and LOVE it. I honestly don’t miss any of the crap food I ate 2 years ago. And if juicy savory new york strip with a garlic infused herb compound butter isn’t your thing. Then look away…

And this steak couldn’t be any simpler to make.

For great cuts of steak like a strip, I keep it simple with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a brush of olive oil and it’s on the grill alongside the asparagus.

While it’s grilling just add all compound ingredients to a food processor and give it a whirl.

Serve alongside a fresh tomato salad, asparagus, and this makes the perfect quick weeknight dinner that also will be great for entertaining at your next summer dinner party.

Have I convinced you yet that you NEED to try this steak??

Now how do you make the PERFECT grilled steak?

It’s all about the temperature!

The best steaks are those that are at the right temperature when they go on the grill. If it’s too cold, it will take longer to cook and thus you will miss that perfect medium pink steak.

But allowing the steak to come room temperature then searing it on the hot grill allows it to get that nice brown seared crust but letting the inside gradually warm up to desired color.

I love medium steaks and always aim for the pink middle.

I had 5 oz steaks so they didn’t take long at all on the grill. about 3-4 minutes per side!

Show off your new grilling skills this weekend with this steak and you won’t be sorry!


2 5 oz Bison New York Strip Steaks

1 tbsp olive oil (to be brushed on both sides of the steaks)

1/4 cup chilled ghee or clarified butter

For Asparagus:


  1. Chop 1-2″ off the asparagus stems
  2. Toss asparagus in olive oil and salt and pepper
  3. Roast garlic in oven at 405F for 20 minutes
  4. Season steak with salt and pepper and brush with olive oil
  5. Preheat grill to medium heat
  6. Add steaks and asparagus together on the grill
  7. Grill steaks for about 3-4 minutes per side or until desired color
  8. Grill asparagus for 10 minutes or until nicely browned
  9. In a food processor, combine all ingredients for butter and pulse until smooth
  10. To serve, let steaks rest for 10 minutes and place on plate alongside asparagus

You can view the original post here and be sure to check out The Kitcheneer for more amazing recipes like this one.

Cooking Tip from The Honest Bison: Use a meat thermometer to ensure that your steak is always cooked perfectly and follow these general temperature guidelines:

Rare: 110-120 degrees Medium Rare: 121-125 degrees Medium: 126-130 degrees

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Homemade New York Strip Steak

Delicious homemade New York strip steak with butter. You can prepare it in a skillet or on the grill.


  • steak 2 pcs.
  • thyme 3 sprigs
  • garlic, crushed 3 glove
  • butter 2 tbsp.
  • olive oil 1 tbsp.
  • salt, to taste 1 tsp.
  • black pepper, to taste


  1. Sprinkle salt and black pepper evenly over steaks. Heat a large cast-iron skillet over high heat. Add oil and then steaks to a pan. Cook 3 minutes on each side or until browned. Reduce heat to medium-low. Add butter, thyme, garlic to the pan. Fry steaks on the both sides for 2-3 minutes. All time pour the steaks with butter from the pan. Let stand about 10 minutes. Remove the thyme sprigs and cut steak diagonally across grain into thin slices. Enjoy your meal.


Roasted Pork with Teriyaki & Mustard

Fragrant and juicy pork in the Teriyaki sauce. It is delicious as a hot dish and as a basis for sandwiches and salads.

Roasted Turkey Legs

Roasted turkey legs with butter, garlic and rosemary.

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Sausages and mash with onion gravy for dinner from traditional British and Irish cuisine.

Additional information

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These steaks are GREAT! Very tender and such a rich flavor. Even the fat tastes awesome!

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We ordered the Steak Sampler a few days ago. Did the New York Strips in our NuWave Oven last night because we didn’t want to mess with the grill. I was on a zoom call with some friends and had set the timer for 30 minutes. When I pulled them off, I thought I had ruined them as they were well done. To our surprise, they were absolutely delicious, tender and juicy. Can’t wait to try all of the others now including the ground bison we just ordered!

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This is a carnivores dream meal!

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