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The Daily Meal's Grilling and Barbecue Essentials

The Daily Meal's Grilling and Barbecue Essentials

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The ultimate guide for all things grilling and barbecue



The Daily Meal’s special, multimedia report on grilling includes something for every type of griller, whether it’s basic tips for how to best grill a burger and a steak or ideas and recipes for the experienced grill master. The guide features expert advice and original video demos from chefs and cookbook writers that walk you through every step of the grilling process — from what tools to buy and top grills on the market to what foods to grill and how to make them taste the best. The guide’s 100-plus grilling recipes include all of the summertime barbecue favorites, as well as healthy and creative ideas for dishes inspired by ethnic cuisines and methods from around the world.

Check out some sample stories below and come back in May when we really start to fire up the grill!

With these easy steps, you will be making pizza on the grill all summer long.

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Who knew that Sunday brunch could be grilled up in the form of French toast? Or that grilled lettuce could taste so good? With smoky, charred flavors, these unlikely grill foods will be a welcomed addition to your summer foods.

Our Favorite Healthy Grilling Recipes

From portobello burgers to grilled fish, these recipes are packed with flavor, not fat.

How to Perfectly Grill Steak

A seemingly easy food to make, yet there's so much that could go wrong...