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Chicken soup with vegetable julienne

Chicken soup with vegetable julienne

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Preparation: I prepared a classic chicken soup, I put it in the pressure cooker because it was homemade chicken. I made it quite concentrated, with half a chicken in 4.5 l of water, 2 onions, 1 carrot, a piece of celery, a bell pepper, salt, pepper, a drizzle of celery. After it boiled well, I strained the soup and moved it to another bowl. Separately I prepared a good portion of julienne of vegetables, celery, carrot and sliced ​​leek.

When the strained soup boiled again I added a handful of pasta and vegetables. I let it simmer for 5-6 minutes until the pasta is cooked and the vegetables remain al dente, slightly crispy and fragrant. I added a handful of chopped greens (I put parsley and celery) and turned off the heat.

It is very fragrant and tasty, I warmly recommend it, the slightly crunchy vegetables give you a special feeling of freshness when you eat them.

Chicken soup with vegetables

It's no secret that in our refrigerator there is always a pot of soup, it's really smaller now when I stay at home with the little one because I cook almost every day but how soon its volume will increase :)

Of course there are soups that if maybe I should repeat them every week like belly soup or others that should disappear from the menu like celery cream soup, but I apply my magic so that they all eat just as well.

Chicken soup with vegetables is the chicken version of the peasant soup with beef, I prepare it with chicken, chest the quick version or chicken cutlery more precisely back and wings just for the taste of chicken. You may have seen in many recipes how frozen chicken soup is added to vegetable soup or in the worst case ready-made cubes. I still haven't gotten to do this thing, I mean the frozen one even though I kept trying. Chicken and bones give an excellent taste. Of course you can give them up no problem if you want a simple vegetable soup.

The recipe is a classic one and as you suspected with many vegetables. You don't have to put them all, only the ones you find and the ones you like :)

Chicken soup with root vegetables

How about a delicious chicken soup full of vegetable eyes that will keep you warm in the coming cold months?


READY IN: 180 minutes


Ingredient list

• 1.5kg roasted chicken
• chicken bones
• 5l water
• half a large onion + a cup of chopped onion
• 4 cloves of peeled garlic + 2 pieces of whole garlic + 2 pieces of sliced ​​garlic
• 3 sliced ​​carrots + a cup and a half diced carrots
• 3 celery threads cut into pieces
• 4 bay leaves
• 4 sprigs of fresh parsley + a few chopped strands
• 4 sprigs of fresh thyme + a few chopped strands
• 12 juniper berries
• 2 tablespoons olive oil
• 2 cups diced celery root
• 1 1/2 cups diced sweet potatoes
• 1 cup diced parsnip root
• fine sea salt to taste
• freshly ground black pepper to taste
• 4 cubes of MAGGI chicken flavor

How do you prepare?

1. Cut the chicken off the bone and cut it into pieces. Add the remaining chicken bones in the 5 liters of water together with half the onion, peeled garlic cloves, diced carrot, 2 bay leaves, parsley, thyme and allspice. Crumble the MAGGI chicken taste cubes.
2. Boil everything for 80 minutes, gradually reducing the flame. Leave them on the fire until all your contents are reduced to seven cups of liquid soup.
3. Heat the olive oil in a large, high skillet over medium-high temperature.
4. Add sliced ​​garlic, chopped onion, two bay leaves to the pan and sauté for two minutes.
5. Add the remaining carrots, chopped thyme, celery roots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, sea salt and seven cups of soup to the pan.
6. Let everything simmer until the vegetables are soft (about 15 minutes).
7. At the end, add the chicken, season with salt and pepper and a few sprigs of parsley.

How to make healthy soup: the ingredients

There are thousands of soup recipes, and some of them have a long tradition, being conceived decades ago by one of our grandmothers. In the following we present you a "basic" recipe, which will show you how to make healthy soup.


  • Onion
  • Red or green bell peppers
  • Carrot
  • Celery
  • Leek
  • Parsley

Then you can add everything you want:

  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Zucchini
  • fennel
  • chard
  • Spinach

Or optional additions:

  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Beef
  • Chicken meat
  • Over
  • Mushrooms

There are several ways to prepare this food:


name RECIPE comes from the way you cut the vegetables. This is an colorful preparation, full of vitamins, fiber and calcium.

Boil the vegetables in water or stew until soft. You can add rice and noodles.

Cream soup

Cream soup consists of passing the ingredients in the blender before adding them to the pot. You can also add a little milk. Some people prefer to add semolina.

This type of soup can be combined with the first recipe, because after cutting the vegetables you can fry them in a little olive oil. Then add water or meat juice until all the ingredients are well boiled.

One ingredient

This soup is made from a single julienne cut ingredient in small pieces or kneaded in a blender. You can use pumpkin, tomatoes or potatoes.

Cold soup

This is a perfect recipe for summer and an excellent solution for soup lovers who do not want to wait for it to come. Winter to enjoy your favorite food. It can be prepared with beets or mashed cucumbers in a blender. Boil the ingredients as usual, but let the food cool before serving.

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