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Apple pie

Apple pie

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Prepare the dough by mixing all the ingredients and form a ball of coca that we will wrap and let cool until we prepare the filling.

Grate the apples, mix with sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. The juice that is left will drain.

Spread the first sheet, prick with a fork, then put the apples.

The second sheet is spread on a baking sheet and then turned over the apples, carefully peeled off and cut the edges if they exceed the shape of the tart.

I also made decorations for them, but you can give them up.

If you still want them, to see better, you can give up the yolk above. (I greased with yolk)

Bake the tart for 30 minutes at 200 degrees. Here I have about .... lengthened it with time exceeding ten minutes, so I can not present the recipe in all its splendor ..... but for a noble purpose, I was called urgently to a sick child .

Anyway, the tart is wonderful and I highly recommend it!


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